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 The Heated Indoor Swimming Pool, situated in Port Alfred, is the base from where we operate SOETBEV: Sentrum vir Ontspanning, Ondersteuning van Entrepreneurs in Tuisonderrig, Besigheid en Vaardigheid (Support Centre for Recreation, Home Schooling, Entrepreneurs in Business and Skills Development).

We are at the end of the Industrial Age and have moved into the age of Information Economy.  The resources are knowledge, skills and ideas.

“150 years ago, researchers predicted that we need to change our way of thinking or we are headed for an intellectual dark age. Scientists have now proven that by the year 2020 we will be in an intellectual dark age because of poor thinking. The information increases, but the quality is decreasing (knowledge management is decreasing) due to putting our children into such a state of stress in educational institutions” - Dr Caroline Leaf – Who Switched off my Brain. Dr Leaf has done extensive research on the brain for 25 years.


Vision & Purpose

 The purpose of this Centre is to equip and empower the child for the 21st Century. The Centre will facilitate children from grade 1-12 and will form a structure for the coordinating and support of Recreational activities, Home Schooling and Entrepreneurs in Business and Skills Development. The vision started out as a support/resource centre for homeschoolers, but we soon realised the need to incorporate learners from local learning establishments.  Everyone will have the opportunity to sign up as members to the various clubs within the framework of the Centre. 

Social Impact

It will inspire the children to be involved in meaningful and uplifting activities throughout the year, which will reduce the drug abuse, sexual interaction, alcohol consumption and other senseless activities due to the fact that there is nothing for the kids to do in Port Alfred and they have to find their own entertainment.

SOETBEV will create job opportunities to young adult entrepreneurs by providing them with fully equipped businesses to manage and to earn a decent salary.  While they work as a team they are not enriching one person, but they are working together to ensure each other’s success as well as that of the business.


Different activities will be facilitated such as, woodwork, art & drama, camping trips, gym, swimming, gymnastics, computers, music, eco-tourism, science & technology, fishing, archery, quad biking, lego, horse riding, photography, needlework (design, manufacture, modelling), journalism, home economics, paint techniques, farming(agriculture), community involvement, home based real world education.

 The children will be supported to bring to fruition their creations, ideas, etc. and to market it effectively. 

 The facility will become a place of safety as the facilitators will also be equipped to listen and deal with personal situations.

Get Involved

 Soetbev serves as an important facility to coordinate the interaction between :

  • Retired businessmen and women, people with skills and talents, people full of ideas and creativity, educators who are still too young at heart to completely retire , who is willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the younger generation. 
  • Community projects, networking between home schooling families of different areas
  • Businesses who need to outsource work and mothers who can assist.  This will have a dual purpose, as it will put the home schooling mother in a position where she can have the opportunity to work from home and become financially independent.
  • Young adults, gifted and talented in various fields to share their creativity and the children, which in return build their self-worth and inspires them to create a better future.
  • We have appealed to existing sporting facilities to enroll and support junior club members.  The clubs who invest in these junior members will be making the best investment ever to the Club’s future.

Project statusProject Status: In process...

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