Voh Ryobi Craft Club

In 2009 we approached the importer for Ryobi Power Tools for the African continent.  They indicated that they have no problem if we use the Ryobi name for this project.

The concept is to empower the women through the acquisition of skills in using power tools to create objects that can be sold to their benefit and upliftment.

Training DVD’s will also be used to enlighten and teach new craft concepts and maintenance solutions.

By empowering the women you are empowering the youth and by so doing will result in an upliftment of this area.

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Executive Director

Anette Crous

Phone Numbers

Office: 046 624 5004
Cell: 076 4850 896

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1a Portsmouth Road
Small Boat Harbour
Port Alfred
Eastern Cape
6170 South Africa

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The voh Project
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No: 1021931292
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Voh Trust No: IT 3988/08
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Public Benefit Organisation:
PBO 930039413