Findon Agricultural Institute

Cultivating young minds!

The Findon Agri Institute works hand in hand with Soetbev as they both aim to impart knowledge and understanding to the young minds. We need to make this generation aware of the importance of our natural resources and how to take care of them.

For many years acquiring the perfect property (Findon Farm) has eluded us, due to financial restraints. We believe the value of the property in mind is quite a hefty sum of money, but the value placed on what it will mean to future generations... priceless!!!

Those who have a love for the land and animals will have the opportunity to learn and experience the eco-friendly way of farming.  Organically grown fruit and vegetables, herbs, essential oils, Nguni cattle, Damara and wild game, Free range chickens and eggs, the experimentation with cotton fields, silkworms, mohair, wool, hemp fibre, flowers, etc.

Animals also have a positive effect on human brokenness.

Project statusProject Status: Property has been identified, we need funding

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Anette Crous

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The voh Project
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